Vecinos and the Municipality of Tulum have completed and signed an agreement whereby Vecinos de Akumal Norte, A.C. is formally recognized as the legal entity that represents the community of Akumal Norte.


Vecinos is the civil association of North Akumal. The organization was established to give North Akumal a legally recognized authority to interact with government agencies and representatives. It seeks to build firm working relationships with the government at the Municipal, State, and Federal levels. Our goal to ensure that government agencies are aware of community needs and to work with government agencies to see that those needs are met.

Vecinos is primarily a membership organization, and we feel the importance of ensuring the broadest possible representation of the entire community. This is why Vecinos works in tandem with other North Akumal organizations, with business owners, and with local community members. Together we are working to become more regularized, to establish permanent community services, and to set enforceable policies on behalf of the community. Because of the strength offered in numbers, we encourage all owners within North Akumal to join Vecinos.

Although we are surrounded by the commercial experience of all-inclusive hotels with golf courses and clubs and party cities, Akumal Norte remains an enclave offering a unique experience in Maya heritage and cultural and peaceful living. We are a community without class distinction. We are surrounded by ancient Maya sites, lagoons sprung from Maya trading roots, mangroves rich in wildlife, hundreds of ancient cave sites. We are the real Mexican experience.


Vecinos principal responsibility is installation and maintenance of community infrastructure and governmental services: roads, streetlights, security services (entrance pluma & Guardia Nacional), establishing community rules, and posting street signage. We work with municipal and state government agencies for installation and maintenance of systems for clean water delivery and central sewage systems. We work with private companies to expand and enhance services such as fiber optics.  We support community committees for the development of social and cultural activities in North Akumal and environmental protection for our bay, lagoon, parks and related wildlife.

Vecinos Board

Our Board of Directors and committee workers are all volunteers who donate their time in support of the North Akumal community.  Board positions are filled at the annual meeting.  To run for a position, one must be a member in good standing.