When you join Vecinos, you have taken a vital step in the creation of a unified voice for Akumal Norte. The organizational voice carries much more weight in dealing with government agencies and solving community issues then a single voice can.

Join your fellow owners and be part of helping build Akumal Norte into our bright future. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. With every completed project our property values increase and living becomes a little easier. By joining, you’re helping the organization to reach its goals: to complete our development, protect our environment, and conserve all those things that make Akumal Norte what it is: a true paradise, nestled between our beautiful Half Moon Bay and the miracle of Yalku Lagoon.

To join Vecinos you must be a property owner in Akumal Norte. Members are entitled to attend the annual membership meetings. Although the entire North Akumal community may attend these meetings, only members have voting rights. Members vote for the officers of the board, on organizational projects and issues pertaining to the running of the organization.

As well as attending the annual members meetings, members can attend the monthly Kitchen Cabinet meetings. At these meetings issues dealing with the creation of new projects, community service issues and running of the community are discussed and voted on. The resulting information is passed on through emails to our members. These meetings are scheduled by the president. Because we have been given the responsibility by the government for establishing the systems running Akumal Norte, we feel it important to reach out to non-members to attend some cabinet meetings.

Memberships are $250.00 dollars and are a one-time charge only. Please fill out this form and email it to

[email protected]

Please go here to fill out the membership and donation form.