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Vecinos has initiated or participated in numerous projects, each designed to help move north Akumal to better infrastructure, better organization, and eventually to meet all of the legal requirements for standing as a community.


♦ Installation of underground water pipes supplying the community with piped-in water from CAPA.

♦ Vecinos and the Municipality of Tulum have negotiated an agreement whereby Vecinos de Akumal Norte, A. C. has received formal recognition as the legal entity that represents North Akumal. Click for more information.

♦ A modern survey for all of North Akumal has been completed. For individual owners who are not yet fully regularized, this will simplify obtaining a lot plan. For all property owners, this survey will be the basis for the v c fgv sewer system as well as the official plan for North Akumal showing boundaries for all lots and public lands, roads, and park areas.

♦ Restoration of the main road in North Akumal from the pluma to Yal-ku Lagoon. At this point the road has been paved with adocreto bricks from the pluma to Tlalocan. Skids of adocreto lining the street from Tlalocan to Casa Gatos are in place to finish the road from Tlalocan to Casa Tranquilidad. When completed, work will move to the section leading from La Sirena to Que Onda, finishing up in front of Casa Milagros. The recent projects to complete the road have taken over 4 years — quite a worthwhile project!

♦ Through extensive negotiation and continuing communications with the Municipality of Tulum, Vecinos de Akumal Norte has developed a plan to have North Akumal recognized by the Municipality as a self-managed community within the Municipality. When this plan is successfully implemented, North Akumal will gain legal status similar to that of Playacar or Puerto Aventuras.

♦ In addition, Vecinos has created a plan for a sewer system for all of North Akumal at a fraction of the price originally proposed by CAPA. The North Akumal sewer project will bring all of North Akumal into compliance with the federal law regarding sewers, and our waste water will be delivered to CAPA for processing.

♦  We are working on a project to produce refrigerator magnets listing emergency numbers.  They’ll be distributed to all properties in Akumal Norte.

♦   Security concerns are being addressed jointly by Vecinos and ADMAK.  In addition to restoring and upgrading the pluma area, private security personnel are patrolling areas of Akumal Norte during night hours.