Vecinos de Akumal Norte is a Civil organization formed by the property owners of Akumal Norte and legally recognized by the municipality of Tulum. With this recognition Vecinos association is responsible for the completion of the Akumal Norte development. Thereafter, the organization will deal with all service issues and maintenance for the community.

We are building and completing the community’s infrastructure by private fundraising from the community on a project by project basis. Following is a list of completed and ongoing projects.

Although recycling and security are part of community service issues, as a we are already a maturing community, their importance makes them issues that need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Therefore, they are included alongside the infrastructure projects.


Underground water delivery system serviced by CAPA

A. Road paving with restyled topes completed.

–   Tope signs are on order

B. Solar Street Lights

–  Second set of 26 lights being installed April 2018


Central Sewage System

  • Vecinos is working with Central Akumal to complete a system that will service Central Akumal, Akumal Norte and Akumal Pueblo. Surveyors have already marked out the system in Akumal Norte and at this time we are waiting for final plan to move forward. The system will work for environmental protection for our mangrove, reef and bay and Yalku Lagoon. As soon as we know when the installation will be we will notify the community.

Police Station in the Park

  • The architectural and engineering plans were submitted March 23, 2018 for final approval to the Director General of Urban Development. Through Vecinos The President of Tulum has guaranteed all the permits and licenses for this project at no cost to the community. For more details please follow us in the local newsletter, Akumal Now, follow my blog at Facebook : North Akumal Neighbors or email the office with your questions at [email protected]

Fiber Optic Line for Central Akumal and Akumal Norte

  • Vecinos circulated a survey for Telmex to bring fiber optics to our community. 178 residents responded, of that group 123 are for the optic upgrade and 55 were for new phone lines with fiber optics. These forms were submitted by Vecinos to the Telmex representative in charge of their fiber optic installation program. We were told that they should begin installation with in the next three months.

Recycling Program

  • We met with a government representative who sets up recycle programs. He will remain in our area during the set-up period. At the end of that time recycling will be working and we would be dealing with a certified local company. The development of these programs is paramount to our areas staying a head of the trash we are producing daily. We are talking many tons of trash going out to the jungle daily. Recycle can be delivered daily to a location in Akumal Pueblo or regular pick up from your business or residence can be arranged. For complete details please address an email to our office and we will mail you the details. [email protected]

Naming of Roads

  • We have requested a meeting with Urban Development officials to learn the rules and regulations set forth by the municipality regarding the naming of roads and the development of uniform house or lot numbers. In addition, the development and enforcement of rules for road use. To complete this project means better directions for residential and business deliveries and for tourist arriving in Akumal Norte

New Entry Bypass Road for Akumal Norte

  • In discussion nothing settled

Please join the association “It takes all of us participating to build a neighborhood”. Remember even if you only live here part time it is still “Your neighborhood”.